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Kolola Pushta Kabul, Afghanistan

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KZC offers a full range of Logistics Services and Human Resource services to its client. The Project Teams maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, Staff, subcontractors and suppliers. A company-wide policy encouraging shared performance responsibility ensures the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects undertaken.




Mr. Abdul Kabir Noori is an experienced, seasoned and professional Civil Engineer. He was graduated from Kabul Engineering faculty in 2003. He started his career as a site engineer with DHSA in Kabul and rapidly grew in his professional career to director position. Mr. A Abdul Kabir Noori has over 14 years of professional experience in project management, leadership, conflict management and client relationship management.With a people-oriented approach,

Mr. Awal Khan

Deputy Director


Mr. Awal Khan, our director is the backbone of KZC. He has graduated from Kabul Engineering University in 2002 from the faculty of Engineering. After graduation from university he worked in many national and international organizations as technical manager, project manager, project consultants, director and advisor.With the passage of time, Mr. Awal Khan successfully engaged himself in logistics , O&M , construction and Human resource outsourcing business deals and agreements.

About us

Our Professional Staff.

KABIR AND ZAK LOGISTICS SERVICES CO is a diverse business operating in difficult environments around the country for humanitarian, commercial and government clients in the areas of project delivery, consulting, business and operational support and personnel services. The business was created in 2003 to harness the services of highly qualified, experienced and adaptable people who have previously worked in complex and challenging parts of the country. KABIR AND ZAK LOGISTICS SERVICES CO has registered office in Afghanistan. KZC is 100% Afghan owned company established in 2003 and positioning itself as the leader in logistic services in Afghanistan. The KZC is an Afghan-incorporated, Afghan-owned with capacity, of providing best practices in management, maintenance, procurement, logistics, and corporate governance.

  • Recruiting of national and international staff
  • HR Services including travel, insurance, visas, work permits and briefings,
  • Business establishment support including advice on registration, ongoing compliance, taxation and banking
  • Business capability assessment and capacity building – strategy, structure, governance, systems and people
  • Liaison with local and international authorities
  • Office support including secure office space, internet, translation secretarial, Logistics, procurement, freight and storage
  • Operations support services including advice, liaison and planning
  • Surface transport using soft and hard shell vehicles with a range of flexible lease options
  • Fuel Supply to local and International Clients on center level and Provincial level.

To provide superior logistical and project and consulting services to commercial, government and humanitarian organizations around the country

Name Position Experience
Sohail Bangish Program Manager 28 Years
Salman Khattak HR Consultants 15years
Jorge Kenyan Gio Program Consultants 17 years
Sultan Mohammad Training Consultants 28 years
Sayyed ul Abrar Finance Consultant 15 years
Awal khan Project Manager 7 years